travel sickness cure

How fun it was one day to bump into a group of people we knew in Paris and then meet up a few days later at one of the famous falafel restaurants.

Megan of Not Martha was part of the little group we bumped into - I had met her before at a Grassroots Business gathering I attended as a speaker. She is a pretty big deal in the blogging world - she would totally deny it of course.

We sat next to each other and had some discussions about things we love or not love in Paris. She and her guy were traveling to England the next day and she mentioned that she has some need for travel sickness pills occasionally. She was hoping to pick up these magic pills at a pharmacy. I mentioned that I also have issues and that it would be cool if she grabbed me a box.

Well - with so many things going on and being in Paris and all I had forgotten my request. So it was so nice to see her walk into Immortal Dog with this little package in her hand for me...... Boots Travel Calm.


I love pharmacies and Paris had great ones stocked with fancy face products, lots of foot products for all the walking they do and fancy soaps etc. I was entranced. So Megan bringing me this product from the Boots store in England was so awesome! Thanks for thinking of me! I look forward to trying it out on my next motion adventure!


love in Paris!

Paris is the city of lights - and the city of love they say. Well it turned out to be the latter for me. Exciting news - Mr. Ramon proposed in front of the Notre Dame - while guitars played in the background. Lovely, breathtaking and romantic - and I could not help it but say yes!

So look forward to posts about wedding planning - mood boards, venues, dresses, flowers and all that silly stuff.


paris street art

Both of us really love street art - and when we travel we try to get a feel of what the city has to offer. Paris was pretty amazing. On the train ride in to the city and back to the airport we saw so many great strips of art. My camera was not available for that - so I concentrated on picking up images of smaller art in the city as we walked around.


ahh Pariee

After a long fun year with my new store - this vacation was so needed. Mr. Ramon and I headed to Paris with our good friends Jessie of CakySpy fame and her husband Danny. We had eight days of fun and I am excited to share it with you bit by bit!

This was our first time traveling to Europe so we were so excited. After a long journey - we finally made it!

We rented a fantastic apartment in the Marais neighborhood. A good choice for cool shops, bars, and bakeries. Plus some super people watching!

Our first day was filled with food and bakeries and walking! I think I was the only one who slept on the plane - so the rest of the crew was a bit on overload.

 First day of discovery a success. See you tomorrow!


welcome to my life

Hi - it's me Nicole! I call Seattle my home with my main squeeze Mr. Ramon and our 3 pups Sophie, Mischa and Toby. I am excited to share the little things I find exciting with all of you!

I am very domesticated. I love laundry, pie crusts from scratch, natural home care and making jam.

I love design - home, objects, signs, packaging - anything that is spectacular.

I love fashion - obsessed with shoes, sunglasses, bags. 

I am planning a wedding! More on that later - but it's going to be a fun time!

Overall I have a busy mind and am excited to share what I am thinking of with all of you.

Thanks for reading!

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