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Valentine's Day 

My first job at 16 was at a Hallmark store. I am pretty sure this is why I love Valentine's Day so much. Also I had an amazing mom that would celebrate this holiday with cute little gifts like tiny heart shaped erasers, handmade doily cards and sweet treats.

This year with our wedding just wrapped I missed the boat on handmade anything. But I could not let the holiday escape me and sent Mr. Ramon flowers from Seattle favorite Fiori. They always do such a stunning job.

So I want to send a Happy Valentine's Day to my guy - Mr. Ramon will you be my valentine?

Hope you all had a sweet day with your loves!


The Big Day

Mr Ramon proposed in Paris in February and we tied the knot January 28, 2011. It was a whirlwind year of planning, fun, stress and learning about one another.

I am a planner - organized and armed with timelines, calendars and lists of things to check off. Mr Ramon is an artist - and way more fun to be around when planning an event. That said, he also likes to save as much as possible to the last minute. He is not really sure why my timelines are important. Of course these two ideals collided and left us a mess at times and more aware of what we are both really good at. And it took the both of us and a whole army of loving friends to pull this off.

I loved it - every minute, even the tough ones. From planning day one through the entire weekend wedding whirlwind. It left me knowing I love planning events and want to plan special days for and with others.

Here are a few pics from our big day - mostly of us. I love looking at them.

Our day was totally magical. We had an amazing photographer. A friend of ours that normally shoots rock bands and events. So he had a very different approach from a traditional wedding photographer. We really loved the results.

More to come - I will take my time and break it all down for you!


love in Paris!

Paris is the city of lights - and the city of love they say. Well it turned out to be the latter for me. Exciting news - Mr. Ramon proposed in front of the Notre Dame - while guitars played in the background. Lovely, breathtaking and romantic - and I could not help it but say yes!

So look forward to posts about wedding planning - mood boards, venues, dresses, flowers and all that silly stuff.