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Portland Eats - Sweedeedee

I love anytime I can get to Portland. It feels like an older cooler sister to Seattle. This weekend we were headed to Bend again to see my mom and I love this trip partly because we get to go through Portland both ways!

We needed a lunch spot on the way and ran through our list of regular spots undecided.

Mr. Ramon then commented that maybe we should try the place next to the record store on Albina. I felt this night just be a ploy to get into the record shop - Mr. Ramon is an avid collector.

I looked up this little spot called Sweedeedee and found out it had rave reviews. A small breakfast/lunch spot with amazing baked goods. I was in!

What a cute place. You order at the counter and then find a seat. I noticed all of their coffee mugs were mismatched finds from someplace like Goodwill. They have a tiny kitchen in the back where the magic happens. It all felt so homey in the nicest way. 

When faced with this type of baked goods arsenal I have a hard time choosing and then limiting myself. I want to taste everything! It was lunch time and quite busy. We were lucky enough to be able to find an outdoor seat in the shade so I could let the crazy dogs hang out with us.

We ordered some sandwiches and a piece of the most amazing bread I have ever had. Honey Bourbon Bread. Light and moist with the subtle honey and bourbon flavor throughout. Delightful! 

It was tough also to choose sandwiches - Mr. Ramon chose the brisket on brioche toast and I love a ham sandwich so that was the easiest choice for me. My sandwich had the most incredible ham on a pretzel roll. Both of our sandwiches came with delicious house made pickles. 

It was a really nice little lunch and left me wanting to come back for breakfast sometime. Mr. Ramon went next door to peruse the record selections and I picked up one of the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had and a piece of zucchini marmalade bread for the road. If you have some time in Portland this is a spot I can highly recommend! 


5202 North Albina Avenue.
Hours :: Monday through Saturday 8am to 4pm
Sundays 8am to 2pm

phone :: 503.946.8087
email :: sweedeedeecafe@gmail.com


Single Girl Fridge 

Mr. Ramon is in vacation in Southern California for a week. While I am really sad to send him away in another vacation without me, I have a lot of plans this week. There are a few projects I have been wanting to get done and being home alone will give me the time to do them.

As much as I love cooking, having a break from meal planning and preparing for the two of us is nice. It allows me to be really motivated to start up again. While Mr. Ramon is gone I will have what I like to call the "single girl fridge".

Today I went to Trader Joes and picked up some easy, healthy, prepared foods. Cut up fruit, roasted chicken, salad, cottage cheese, protein bars etc. These items are super easy to put together and require little prep or thought. When I worked two jobs before Mr. Ramon moved here this was my go to solution for feeding me.

It feels really nice to not have to worry about what we are eating and preparing food for everyday. So if you get the chance, try out the "single girl fridge" in your own way and come back to food reality refreshed.