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Shopping Portland - HAUNT

Mr. Ramon and I spent a weekend recently in Portland, OR with an amazing couple to celebrate a birthday. It was their first time in Portland so there was much to see, do and eat over the 2 dyas we were there. 

We took some time to shop and I came across an amazing little boutique called HAUNT on Burnside St. Holly Stalder is a designer of beautiful custom bridal and artful clothing pieces. She sells her designs along with beautiful jewelry, bags, accessories and others designers clothes in her shop. You can find her one of a kind pieces on Etsy as well. 

I fell in love with a clutch made from a Pendleton blanket with this awesome leather tassle on it. Mr. Ramon saw how much I loved it and made it mine. What a swell guy!!

If you are looking for one of a kind pretty things I really recommend you check this boutique out!


I can see!!

I have been wearing glasses since I was 14. Since then my sight has gotten worse and I cannot go without my glasses or contacts. I have considered corrective surgery occasionally but doubt if I will ever go through with it. I really love glasses. I used to sneak my moms old glasses from the 60's out and wear them to school - her prescription making me dizzy as I walked the halls. But I thought I looked cool and that's all that mattered. Since then I have always had glasses that show off my individual style. 

Recently I was contacted by Firmoo, an online glass company that specializes in inexpensive, fashionable eye wear. They wanted to send me a pair of glasses and see what I thought about their glasses and the customer experience I received. Now we all know glasses are expensive. My last pair were about $500 with lenses. I wear contacts most of the time, so having more than one pair of glasses is an extravagance to me. So this proposal was perfect for me. 

Firmoo, offers over 300 styles of frames. For the price of one pair of glasses at a regular optical store you could get 8 pairs on Firmoo. I thought it was going to be really hard to decide what glasses I liked since I could not try them on in person. But they have this cool virtual try on system that allows you to upload a pictures of yourself and try the glasses you like on your face. I wanted some big glasses so it was great that they offer all of the dimensions of their glasses. 

It took me about a week to decide. I had Mr. Ramon help me and finally settled on these lovely frames in a black matte finish. It was easy to order them - all I needed was my prescription from my eye doctor. The customer service team was super responsive to me when I placed my order and when it shippped to me. 

It took about a week and I had some awesome new glasses. They fit my face well and I am very happy. In fact I am considering another pair. 

Curious? Well you can get your first pair free by going to their website here. You just pay the shipping charges.


Liberty of London

In a previous life I was a make up artist. And even though I have every shade I could ever need - I continue to hunt down make up items for my collection. MAC always has fun collaborations that result in great colors, fun packaging and me spending to much!

Recently I went into my local MAC store and was super surprised that they had done a collection with Liberty of London.

Liberty & Co. has been around since the later 1800's. What started as a shop of housewares has turned into a continued rotation of home, apperal, and cool accessories.

The packaging for these cosmetics is covered inside and out with little floral prints and birds - signatures of Liberty of London and the crisp white background is oh such a nice contrast.

I could not contain myself. I actually walked into MAC for a practical every day item - which they were out of. So I walked out with the most bold and beautiful blush for amazing disco cheeks, a very mauve lipstick and a eyeshadow that is grey and green at the same time.

And even though I have been using these items for a few weeks - I cannot yet toss out the packaging. It has me spellbound!