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Introducing Lady Paloma

Amazing to look and see that my last post was 2 months ago. It seems like time has flown by. The last few weeks of my pregnancy I really started nesting and preparing our home for the arrival of baby girl. My actual due date was April 8 so I wanted to make sure all of my "to do" items were checked off in plenty of time. 

My due date came and went and at 41 weeks and 1 day my labor began. As the day and my contractions progressed I finished up preparations around the house for our home birth. I baked a yummy Apple Cake for our birth team and Mr. Ramon and I made a baked pasta dish for everyone to enjoy once baby had arrived. The labor tub team arrived and filled our tub in the living room. 

About midnight our doula, Brenda arrived. My contractions were about 6 minutes apart and strong. About this time I started to not remember the details of my labor. I was working hard. When my midwife arrived about 2am she confirmed I was headed toward the arrival of baby girl. I spent the night laboring hard - doing stair lunges and other positions to try and get baby girl to move down into position. 

Thursday morning - Mr. Ramon, Brenda and I walked the neighborhood and did lunges up a hill. I labored some in the birth tub, more lunges and tough positions to move baby. She seemed super content to hang out where she was even though my body and the entire house were ready to greet her. My contractions were slower and less intense - my body seemed to know that baby was in no hurry to arrive. My midwives pulled some tricks out of their tool bag and got my labor started up again - we wanted to get things moving to see if we could get baby girl to come on down! 

Thursday night - whew. My midwives and I had the big talk about what was next. I had been working for over 30 hours and baby had not made any progress. She was very happy in there and I was feeling pretty good though of course tired. I took Mr. Ramon aside to let him know that I could continue but I felt that we were not going to make any more progress doing the same things we had been doing. I wanted to make sure that any decisions I had to make would be with a clear head. I felt that it was time to explore other options. 

The tough decision was made. We were going to transfer to the University of Washington hospital. This was my ideal place if I had to go to the hospital. They work well with midwives and I knew that they would respect my birth plan. My midwives made the call and had me pre admitted. We gathered our bags and headed over. The goal was to get me some pain relief and then start some Pitosan to get strong contractions going again and push this little girl out. 

I was admitted and had an amazing nurse team to care for me. I received my epidural and was able to rest for the first time in 42 hours. I had been in labor for about 33 hours. The Pitocin was started and I was having contractions off the charts. The doctor came in to check my progress and baby was in the same position she had been in for the last 20+ hours. She sure was happy in there! 

After much discussion with the medical team and some more time to see if the contractions would do any more for my situation we knew there was only one way to get baby out. The medical team had no idea why baby was not moving. They were stumped. It was decided that our only solution was a c section. Boo. This was not what I had planned - but clearly baby girl had her own plan. 

I was prepared and taken to the operation room. Mr. Ramon joined me. The entire team was fantastic through the entire procedure. The moment baby girl was here she was taken over to be wiped down and Mr. Ramon cut her cord. She was then returned to me for some skin to skin on my chest. She was beautiful. Such an amazing moment. 

Welcome to the world Lady Paloma Josefina Alvera Vasquez! Born Friday April 18 at 6:33am weighing 8lb and 21 inches long. 

Mr. Ramon and I were over the moon in love with this little girl. After 3 days of recovery we headed home to begin our life as parents. Our lives are forever changed!


Meet the Midwives!!

Ever since we decided to try and have a baby I knew midwives were for me. Its hard to explain or even to remember when or how I started thinking this way. I believe that pregnancy and birth are some of the most natural parts of being a woman. Its what our bodies are meant to do and that is amazing. As I saw my personal health care over the years evolve to more natural doctors, chiropractic care, acupuncture and yoga, the shift to midwifery care while pregnant makes sense. 

I started doing research on midwifery and Seattle area midwives once we started down this baby road. I wanted to be prepared and knowledgeable. I also started to ask myself - do I want a midwife that has been catching babies since to dark ages or possibly a younger midwife. I also wondered - would they even take me into their care? Here I am in my early 40's and just starting on this baby thing? 

Then I found In Tandem Midwifery. Reading through their website I knew that I needed to meet them. Mr. Ramon was on board to go meet and greet Christine and Taylor. And at that visit, I knew - just like you know on a first date that these ladies were for me. 

I was excited to hear from them how they work with clients, what our birth options were and how we would work together. Mr. Ramon asked a lot of the tough questions - like "Have you ever lost a baby or a mom?", "What if something goes wrong?". They were completely prepared for any question we asked. I was so exctited to know that I am considered a low risk pregnancy and that Midwifery care would be in the cards for me and baby!

Some people worry about the level of training that midwives receive. Fear not - midwives go through extensive schooling and many hours of real hands on experience before becoming licensed. A great resource in Washington is Midwives' Association of Washington State

"Licensed Midwives (LMs) complete a state-accredited midwifery program and are licensed by the State of Washington. Washington state law requires licensed midwives to complete 3 years in a state-approved midwifery educational program, which includes participation in 100 or more births and verification of clinical skills and didactic course work. To attain licensure, all LMs must pass an examination provided to the state by the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM)."

The care I receive with Christine and Taylor is so amazing. Our monthly visits are in depth and we talk about all aspects of my pregnancy from physical to emotional. They have been able to recommend a wonderful Naturopathic Physician for me as well as a new chiropractor. Having this amazing team support me during my pregnancy feels so powerful.